Being a member of our best Affiliate program

This program is as simple as referral commission program, you have to copy your referral link from account page and share with your friends, family members, blog and in social media platforms. If you want to earn more affiliate than upgrade your package and earn up to 100% affiliate bonus.


Free Affiliate Program

Every miners get flat 20% affiliate bonus when they login in our site and start mining process.


Mining Plan V1

If you are earning well with our free mining plan and wants to earn more than upgrade with our mining plan version 1 and get 30% affiliate bonus.


Mining Plan V2

Upgrade your package with mining plan version 2 and get 40% affiliate bonus. This is our most recommend mining plan.


Mining Plan V3

Purchase our mining plan version 3 with the price 0.99 BTC and get 50% referral commission. You can generate 0.30240000 BTC/day.


Mining Plan V4

Purchase our mining plan version 4 with the price 4.99 BTC and get 100% referral commission. You can generate 1.81440000 BTC/day.

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